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What is music psychology?
Music psychology (psychology of music) focuses on understanding and explaining musical behaviours and musical experiences. This includes how music is perceived, created, and responded to.
Social and applied psychology of music focuses on understanding the role of music in everyday life.

I want to learn more about music psychology, is there something I should read?
Yes, there are many books, book chapters, and journal articles that you might find interesting. While I could make many recommendations, here are three:
The Oxford Handbook of Music Psychology (2 ed.) edited by Susan Hallam, Ian Cross, and Michael Thaut provides a good overview of areas and developments in the field. Adrian North and David Hargreaves’ The Social and Applied Psychology of Music details this area of the field, while Peter Rentfrow and Daniel Levitin’s edited Foundations in Music Psychology: Theory and Research provides an overview of music cognition and perception.

Where do music psychologists publish their research?
Music psychology research is published in many different journals. There are a number of discipline-specific journals as well. Check out my PoM links page for more information on journals and professional organizations.

Are there professional organizations and conferences for music psychology?
Yes, there are international, national, and regional organizations which hold conferences. Check out my PoM links page for more information.

I want to be a music psychologist too! How do I do that?
Awesome! People working in music psychology can have many backgrounds. This can include psychology, music, sociology, communication, technology, etc. -- which means there are many routes people take.
If at all possible, try to get involved in some kind of research to develop your skills and check out what people are currently working on in the areas you’re interested in.

Will you present at my event / speak on my radio show / appear on my podcast / write for my publication?
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Will you answer my questions for a project I've been assigned in school?
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I am a student looking for research experience, can I work with you?
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