Media Enquiries

Burning question? Looking for an expert or a quote?

I frequently respond to media requests for comments, expert opinion, or other analysis on music psychology topics.

Some of my favorite music psychology topics to chat about include:
  • the role of music in promoting well-being
  • music/radio engagement for well-being in older age
  • how and why people make playlists
  • why people use different listening technologies to listen to music
  • factors influencing people continuing/dropping-out of musical activities
  • how music influences our consumer behaviours
I can also speak to:
  • music-related activities on social media
  • the influences of background music
  • factors influencing our musical preferences
  • music engagement in a pandemic
  • how music influences exercise and performance

I am also happy to discuss issues relating to science communication and outreach and matters relating to early career researchers (ECRs).

For the quickest response, you can reach me via my JCU e-mail with your query (and your deadline).(amanda[dot]krause1[at]

If you're a student/teacher, take a look at the Public Outreach page.