Public Outreach

I value public outreach. After all, this is why I participate in research communication via social media (see @StudyListening) and participate in science communication programs, such as Skype a Scientist, Letters to a Pre-scientist, and Pint of Science.

Information about requests for an interview or information for a school project

If you’re a teacher and you are interested in creating an interaction opportunity with your students, consider signing up to Skype A Scientist and/or STEM Professionals in Schools. You can also send me a direct request via email.

If you’re a student assigned to reach out to a scientist for a project, I am happy to respond to email queries that ask targeted question(s) directed specifically at me.
Try to understand that sometimes it is not possible for me to respond to every student inquiry; however, finding answers through studying books, published literature, and online resources can be just as effective, so I also encourage you to check out the FAQ.

If you're a journalist, take a look at the Media Enquiries page.