Student Supervision

I am open to working with students on projects about:
  • Everyday music engagement, practices, identity
  • Digital listening technologies
  • The role of music and arts in promoting health and well-being
  • Music/radio, ageing, & well-being
  • Facilitating music engagement
  • Audience and performer interaction

If you are interested, get in touch with a research question/idea/proposal.

As a supervisor, I aim to assist students by:
  • offering advice in your field of study and providing direction for your research/career;
  • setting milestones (collaboratively) and monitoring your progress;
  • providing feedback, encouragement and support.
For more information, check out my advising statement. All students who work with me are members of my lab.

Current postgraduate student supervision:

McArthur, S. (2017-Present). How I wonder what you are: An interpretive phenomenological analysis of the first 18 months of string lessons and how this early learning influences actual and predicted musical engagement. [PhD]

Maurer, S. (2017-Present). Generating and perceiving expressive body movement in contemporary solo flute performance. [PhD]

Sharouni, T.J. (2021-Present). [PhD]

Previous postgraduate student supervision:

Dahlenburg, H. (2017-2019). The investigation of practice and career-focused activities in advanced classical singers. [Masters]

Fletcher, H. (2017-2020). Content, delivery, and perception: Investigating the voice teacher’s approach in Australia. [PhD awarded 2020] []

Kiernan, F. (2018-2019). The figure of Jan Dismas Zelenka (1679-1745) in the History of Emotions. [PhD awarded 2019] [; see also]

Current undergraduate student supervision:

Balgue, M. (2021). Examining experiences of psychological flow in everyday life. [Honours]

Howard, G. (2021). Investigating music and science identities. [Honours]

Maher, K. (2021). Teaching and learning statistics in the wake of COVID-19. [Honours] 

Putter, K. (2021). Perceptions of other people. [Honours]

Garrigan, J., Glynn, J., Jakob, D., Lewis, H., & Mitchell, C. (2021). Everyday life during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Previous undergraduate student supervision:

Warrener, E. (2016). Parenting style as a predictor of problem music preference. [Honours] []

Mackin, S., Mossman, A., Murray, T., Oliver, N., & Tee, V. (2016). How do people listen to music in daily life? Defining the concept of control. []

Flynn, S., Goh, K., Li, B., & Wake, S. (2016). Music listening as a coping mechanism for everyday stress.

Crawford, S. (2015). Exploring the effects of age, social rewards, and life stress on the creative productivity of 11 rock musicians. [Honours]

Flynn, E., & Whyte, L. (2015). The effect of musical fit on consumers’ evaluations of different products[]