Teaching and Mentoring


At JCU, Dr Krause coordinates and teaches two subjects in the Department of Psychology:
  • PY2103, Introduction to research methods and statistics
    The purpose of this subject is to introduce students to research methods and data analysis techniques within psychology. In this subject, students learn about the scientific method and research approaches, how to design ethical research, to generate research ideas and formulate testable hypotheses, and how to analyse research data using basic descriptive and inferential statistics.
  • PY4113, Design and analysis for research
    The purpose of this subject is to introduce students to advanced qualitative and quantitative research methods and their applications. In this subject, students develop their research methods knowledge and skills and develop science communication skills for academic/practitioner audiences as well as the general public.
In addition, Dr Krause coordinates the Department of Psychology Undergraduate Research Internship (URI) program. 


Previously, at The University of Melbourne, Dr Krause coordinated and taught one undergraduate subject:
  • MUSI10037, Music in everyday life
    The purpose of this subject is to introduce students to a wide range of music research that explores how we experience music in everyday life. Students develop critical listening and thinking skills by engaging with varied music and published research.
In addition, Dr Krause has contributed content to MUSI20149, Music psychology, a subject that presents students with an initial exploration of music psychology research. 

Guest teaching

Dr Krause regularly guest lectures on music psychology topics. Please get in touch if you are interested in Dr Krause speaking to your class.
Recent examples include:
  • 2023, The University of Melbourne - Music In Everyday Life [Coordinators: Dr Heather Fletcher and Prof Jane Davidson]
    • Lecture topic: Individual differences and musical taste
    • Lecture topic: How people select and access music in everyday life
  • 2022,  International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderbad - Music, Mind, and Technology [Coordinator: A/Prof Vinoo Alluri]
    • Lecture topic: Music in everyday life: How people select and access music
  • 2022, Kristu Jayanti College, Bengaluru - International Lecture Series [Department of Media Studies]
    • Lecture topic: Radio and well-being in older age