Research Grants

Krause, A. E. (awarded 11.2017). Improving well-being for the ageing population through music listening. University of Melbourne 2018 Early Career Researcher Grant. $24,903 AUD

Damousi, J., Dieckmann, S., Krause, A. E., Davidson, J. W., & Tomsic, M. (awarded 07.2017). Establishing a lullaby playgroup at Fitzroy Primary School. Victorian Women’s Benevolent Trust. $10,890 AUD

Krause, A. E. (awarded 05.2017). Radio for well-being engagement in older age. Community Broadcasting Foundation. $13,156 AUD
Project webpage:

Skeffington, P., Marriott, R. P., Krause, A. E., Mamotte, C., McDonald, G., & Kinght, O. (awarded 05.2017). Collaborative approach to indigenous healing through music in Wangkatjungka: A pilot study. School of Health Professions Deans Small Grant Scheme 2017, Murdoch University. $15,849.85 AUD


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