Investigating musical identities

This research project concerned musical identities. In particular, we were interested in finding out how contemporary socio-cultural factors influence the development of musical identities in adults, and the impact this has on musical engagement. The study was conducted by Dr Amanda Krause (James Cook University) and Dr Melissa Forbes (University of Southern Queensland). If you have any questions about the study, please contact Dr Amanda Krause or Dr Melissa Forbes.

Principal Investigator: Dr Amanda Krause
College of Healthcare Sciences, James Cook University

Co-Investigator: Dr Melissa Forbes
School of Creative Arts, University of Southern Queensland

Summaries of the project findings are posted here on this project webpage, when available.

We have presented preliminary findings at academic conferences and have published two journal articles so far. Please get in touch if you would like to know more.

Krause, A. E., Forbes, M., & Lowe-Brown, X. (2022). Does reality television-style singing influence singing self-concept? Journal of Voice, advance online publication.

Forbes, M., Krause, A. E., & Lowe-Brown, X. (2021). Descriptions and evaluations of “good singing” in the age of The Voice. Australian Voice, 22, 16-28. Retrieved from

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