International Survey

Title of Research
: A cross-cultural investigation of music listening practices
Name of Researchers
Amanda Krause, Researcher, The University of Melbourne,
Manuel Anglada-Tort, Researcher, Technische Universität Berlin,
David John Baker, Researcher, Louisiana State University,
Mark Baynes, Researcher, Southern Institute of Technology,
Steven Caldwell Brown, Researcher, The University of Strathclyde,
Igor de Almeida, Ressearcher, Kyoto University,
Jenny Groarke, Researcher, Queens University Belfast,
Kongmeng Liew, Researcher, Kyoto University,
Ana Isabel Pereira, Researcher, Universidade NOVA de Lisboa,
Jochen Steffens, Researcher, Technische Universität Berlin,
Kate Wareham, Researcher, Sheffield University,
Purpose of the Research:
We are conducting research on everyday musical experiences.  The purpose
of this study is to examine how individuals construct music playlists.

Participant resources
Information sheet: link to pdf
Consent form: link to pdf

A summary of the project findings will be posted on this project webpage when available.