COVID19 study

PROJECT TITLE: Everyday life during the COVID19 pandemic

This research project concerned how COVID-19 preparations (e.g., social distancing, quarantine) impact the everyday lives and well-being of adult students aged 18+. The study was conducted by Dr Amanda Krause and Prof James Dimmock at James Cook University. 

Summaries of the project findings will be posted on this project page, when available.

We have published a journal article detailing findings from this project.

In this study, we assessed Australian university students’ media use (i.e., listening to music, playing video/computer games, watching TV/movies/streaming videos, and using social media) throughout early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic in Australia, and determined whether media use was related to changes in life satisfaction. Participants (N = 127) were asked to complete six online questionnaires, capturing pre- and during-pandemic experiences. The results indicated that media use varied substantially throughout the study period, and at the within-person level, life satisfaction was positively associated with music listening and negatively associated with watching TV/videos/movies. The findings highlight the potential benefits of music listening during COVID-19 and other periods of social isolation.

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If you have any questions about the study, please contact Dr Amanda Krause or Prof James Dimmock. 
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